Gandolfo: Governor’s Mask Mandate Is an Overreach; County Shouldn’t Enforce It

“This latest mask mandate from the Governor is a complete overreach. It is clear that Gov. Hochul is using her executive power to bypass the Legislature just as her predecessor did, with catastrophic results. This mandate places another significant burden on small businesses already struggling to recover from the last set of mandates.

“We were promised by leaders that we could get back to our normal lives once vaccinated, and especially so when vaccination rates improved. Nearly 70% of Suffolk County residents are fully vaccinated and approximately 80% have received at least one dose. Everyone is free to wear a mask if they choose to do so. People are well aware of the precautions they can take to lower their risk. Enough is enough — stop the sweeping statewide mandates.

“Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone should reject this order and refuse to enforce it.”