Gallahan: Lack of Transparency and Communication with Migrant Crisis Aid is Shameful

Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan (R,C-Manchester) supports his fellow Assembly Minority Conference colleagues in calling for an immediate hearing. The purpose of this hearing would be to address concerns and demand greater transparency regarding the humanitarian assistance efforts that have been funded by taxpayer dollars for the ongoing migrant crisis. Gallahan agrees it is time for New York City officials and contracted organizations to provide answers when it comes to the lack of oversight protocols that exist in dispersing funds for aid, which could result in the abuse of taxpayer dollars. 

“It is beyond me why we continue to put the needs of incoming migrants before the needs of struggling New York families,” said Gallahan. “I am proud to support my colleagues in holding local and state leaders accountable and improving oversight protocols when it comes to humanitarian aid for the migrants.”

Members of the Assembly Minority Conference also renewed calls for the passage of a proposal cosponsored by Gallahan that would require the governor to report to the Legislature how funds for humanitarian aid for migrants are being spent and would also require the state comptroller to audit those funds (A.7508, Ra and Gallahan).

“We have a duty to look out for New York citizens, and it is no secret many families feel they are perpetually getting the short end of the stick with regard to the state budget and relief monies. If the state is going to provide funding for migrant aid, the least we can do is communicate well, be transparent with taxpayers and audit those funds to keep track of them and ensure they go where they are supposed to,” concluded Gallahan.