Angelino Reacts to State of The State

Statement by Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C-Norwich)

“New York state is at a tipping point. We have people who don’t feel safe, inflation has caused the cost of living to skyrocket and fewer freedoms are causing a massive wave of outmigration. Serious steps need to be taken to fix these issues, and while Gov. Hochul said all the right things, talk is cheap until New Yorkers see tangible results. We must revisit bail reform, stand with our brave law enforcement officers and crime victims over criminals, lower taxes and cut the red tape making it hard to run a business in New York. Finally, too many of our friends and family are dealing with the scourge of drug addiction and we need real solutions to this crisis, what we don’t need is to consider safe injection sites. The governor also blamed New York leading the nation in outmigration on a lack of housing, I can tell you from speaking with constituents back home that is not the case, people are leaving due to high taxes and an unfriendly business climate making it hard for small business owners to operate. My Minority colleagues and I will work daily to achieve these goals and right these wrongs, and I hope the governor joins us in our efforts. The people of New York deserve no less.”