Angelino Calls for Governor Hochul to Release Donations to Veterans’ Services

Assemblyman Joseph Angelino (R,C-Norwich) joined a bi-partisan group of legislators to call on the governor to release donations given to the state during tax season to be used for veterans services.Millions of dollars have been donated by New Yorkers with the intent to go to programs such as Homeless Veterans Assistance only to have the state hold onto the money and not disperse it to the intended programs. Angelino argues this is not only unfair to the veterans whom this money could be helping, but also to the people who have donated the money.

“When New Yorkers donate their hard-earned money to noble causes such as helping veterans, they expect their money to go where it is intended. The state has a duty to handle this money responsibly and to make sure it gets to where it is supposed to be going. Unfortunately, this administration has not done these things, and has held onto the money for years, make no mistake, if this occurred at any private charity there would be a multitude of investigations at the snap of a finger. Why should this be any different? We must figure out why this money is being held and ensure it is released to the proper programs,” said Angelino.