DeStefano Calls On Governor to Restore Aim Funding

A statement from Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C,I,Ref-Medford)

“Gov. Cuomo outlined a massive $179 billion state budget this year with proposals that will spend money on everything but our local towns and villages. His proposed Assistance and Initiatives for Municipalities (AIM) budget cuts would cut $59 million from our municipalities statewide. AIM funding allows local governments to deliver critical services New Yorkers rely on each day. If passed, New York’s municipalities will endure possible layoffs, service cuts, and an attempt to restore the funding through tax increase.

Gov. Cuomo’s budget cuts would be devastating to Suffolk County and would take roughly $1.8 million away from the town of Brookhaven and $17,000 from the town of Bellport.  I urge the governor to reconsider as local communities may be forced to raise property taxes to make up for this lack of funding.”