Destefano Calls for Permanent Two Percent Property Tax Cap

Editor’s Note: Click Here to view Assemblyman DeStefano’s comments at today’s press conference.

Today, Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C,I, Ref-Medford) attended a press conference with a bipartisan group of legislators and business leaders from across the state calling for a permanent two percent property tax cap. The conference included the Long Island Association, The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, the Business Council of New York State, and other organizations across the state.

“While capping our property taxes will significantly increase the amount of money in our taxpayer’s pockets, it is not the only solution to our state’s high taxes. We need to work together as colleagues to be more fiscally responsible with our tax dollars and reduce the unfunded mandates that are absorbing funds from necessary programs,” said DeStefano. “I pledge my support for making the two percent property cap permanent, and I urge the State Legislature to continue to move forward with initiatives that will lessen the burden on our hard-working taxpayers.”