DeStefano Opposes Assembly Majority Bill That Prevents Federal Law Enforcement From Making Arrests

Today, the Assembly Codes Committee voted to move a bill that would prevent federal law enforcement from entering a courthouse to obtain illegal immigrants involved in a court proceeding. Assembly Bill 2176 would protect people involved in court proceedings from being arrested. Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C,I,Ref-Medford) strongly opposes the legislation due to the restrictions it puts on federal law enforcement.

“This bill is another example of state Majority being fixated on criminal rights rather than finding relief for millions of law-abiding taxpayers,” said DeStefano. “New York has the highest taxes, worst business climate, and most residents moving out of state than any other. Our focus should be on repairing this toxic tax climate, not pitting federal law enforcement and local law enforcement against one another. The Majority should not insert themselves in between the duties of law enforcement and risk the safety of our communities just to support their liberal agenda.”