DeStefano Condemns Governor’s Power Grab

A statement from Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C,I,Ref-Medford)

“Gov. Cuomo is inciting fear of the coronavirus in an attempt to give himself more power, when just the other day he said a case in New York was to be expected. The governor is proposing legislation that would grant him far-reaching authority for this potential health crisis and for future large and small health issues. Essentially, Gov. Cuomo tied a provision granting him the power to override local and state laws without approval from the Legislature. Funding for the coronavirus already exists and is coming out of last year’s budget. Senate Health Committee Chair Rivera and Assembly Health Committee Chair Gottfried both voted no on this power grab and that speaks volumes.

“Using an epidemic to expand political power is shameful and an abuse of power. Our state needs to take proper measures to address the coronavirus, but this is not how he should be going about it.”

DeStefano did push for an alternative plan stripping the governor of this power. Unfortunately, the establishment sided with the governor.