DeStefano, Minority Conference Call for Financial Aid to Firefighters and EMS Workers

Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C,I, Ref-Medford) and the Minority Conference wrote a letter to federal officials urging for financial relief to volunteer firefighters and EMS workers across the state. The Conference will also be introducing legislation to create the New York State Volunteer Fire Protection Emergency Reimbursement Account, which will reimburse volunteer fire companies, districts, departments and EMS for costs associated with purchasing PPE and for lost revenues. Additionally, the Conference will be seeking ways to ensure our local heroes are eligible for recovery loans and grants.

“Our firefighters and EMS workers continue to work the front lines every single day, putting their lives at risk. While they continue to respond to our calls of need, their revenue is draining,” said DeStefano. “The last thing they should have to worry about during these difficult times is finances. Our firefighters and EMS workers protect us, it’s time we do our jobs and protect them.”

The letter may be viewed here.