DeStefano Reacts To 2022 Budget Address

A statement from Assemblyman Joe DeStefano (R,C,I-Medford)

“The governor’s budget address was disappointing; he continues to blame Washington for our budget deficit and his shortcomings during the pandemic, while deflecting any blame and begging the next administration to bail us out. Today’s address was a pity party about the fiscal crisis the state is in. We have faced deficits like this before the COVID-19 pandemic, and although this year’s budget was exacerbated by it, we would likely have a budget deficit due to the progressive policies this state has adopted over the years. Instead of cutting funding for education and state and local governments, we should focus on the unrealistic polices that got us here such as a suffocating business climate eliminates good paying-jobs and an incredibly high tax rate that could grow if the governor fails to get the bailout from the federal government. We would then surpass California as the highest taxed state in the country at 14.75 % for our highest earners.