Mikulin Says Albany Should Listen to Experts on School Safety

Assemblyman John Mikulin (R, C-Bethpage) joined Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay (R, C-Pulaski) and members of their conference in announcing the findings of their Task Force on School Safety & Security.

“The task force listened to testimony from experts in education and security. During these testimonies there was an open and honest dialog about how to protect our student population at school, and these are the results,” said Mikulin. “Having all voices at the table are vital, and that is why our task force traveled the state to hear multiple perspectives. Our plan addresses mental health needs, while working with law enforcement and educators on protecting students in the classrooms. I hope leaders in Albany will listen to the experts and take action to put these policies into place.”

The task force’s 24-page report is attached and includes many solutions. This report provides recommendations on how school districts can construct capital improvements and better communicate with law enforcement agencies to increase security. Furthermore, the report demonstrates how new mental health services in schools can enhance the overall health of the students to decrease incidents that require security interactions.

EDITORS’ NOTE: A full copy of the report is available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/167TgHbMy1ihXCYHrln7RT5rAnG9Nsgyl/view