McGowan: “Doc Schelin Memorial Highway” Bill Signed into Law by Governor Hochul

Assemblyman John McGowan’s (R,C-Rockland) bill A.4793, which passed in May, dedicates a portion of the state highway system on State Route 340 between Thorpe Drive and State Route 303 in the town of Orangetown as the “Doc Schelin Memorial Highway.” The bill was signed into law this week by Governor Hochul.

 “Doc” was a longtime resident of Rockland County and was involved in many leadership positions in the town, including the areas of education, local government and public safety. He was known as Tappan’s very own Santa Claus. He was a dedicated member of the Volunteer Fire Association of Tappan for 50 years and served as president and secretary of commissions for the Tappan Fire District. Along with guiding future generations, Doc was a representative for the men’s and women’s basketball teams and dean of student affairs at St. Thomas Aquinas College and was on the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees.

“I am grateful that Doc. Schelin will continue to be remembered in the community,” said McGowan. “This was my first bill passed during my first legislative session, especially for someone who was an important role model and mentor during my college career, leading to my decision to run for office in 2019. Doc. not only left an imprint on my heart but so many others in the community; dedicating a portion of the highway in his memory is the least I can do. This is an important and memorable day for Rockland County.”