Jacobson Statement on Migrants Housed in Town of Newburgh

“A little more than a week ago, the office of New York City Mayor Eric Adams notified me that he would be sending sixty migrant men from New York City to a hotel in the Town of Newburgh. I immediately emphasized the need for sufficient support staff. What has transpired since then has been shameful. In this regard, Mayor Adams’ actions have been no better than that of Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis.

“A few days after the initial call, the Adams’ administration informed me and other local Orange County government officials that they would be providing two support staff – one caseworker and one social worker – per thirty men. I responded that two individuals cannot properly manage the needs of thirty men who are still awaiting legal authorization to work in the United States.

“On a subsequent Zoom meeting with the Governor’s office and another with the Association of Counties and Conference of Mayors, which included Mayor Adams, I again expressed my outrage.

“Since my initial conversation on Friday, May 5th, there are now more than one hundred migrant men residing at The Crossroads Motel, and plans are apparently underway for more to be sent to the Ramada Inn, both in the Town of Newburgh.

“Throughout this process, Mayor Adams has given us little advance notice and made virtually no effort to coordinate with local officials. The Mayor’s office said they expected to receive significant support from local volunteer groups. This is not a plan; it is a hope and a prayer. They also failed to provide an answer when I asked who would be responsible if some of the migrants left the Newburgh area.

“I am deeply sympathetic with all these men have suffered on their long journey to this country and I appreciate that New York City services are reaching capacity, but Mayor Adams is simply not providing sufficient supports.

 “The Town of Newburgh is not New York City. There is little within walking distance of these motels and public transportation is scant. Mayor Adams’ decision to send these migrants from New York City to be housed in Orange County and Rockland County was ill-conceived, hastily executed, and a shocking abdication of responsibility.

“I call on Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul to intervene with more funding and a more comprehensive plan to help integrate these new arrivals, both for the well-being of these men and of our communities.”