Jacobson Sponsors Major Voting Reform Legislation Including Early Voting and Campaign Finance Changes

Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson (D-Newburgh) has co-sponsored sweeping, new voting reform legislation which will make voting easier and less confusing for all New Yorkers.

The new legislation will mandate early voting for 10 days prior to Primary Day and Election Day. Each county will have a least one early voting site for every 50,000 registered voters so Orange County will have at least four, Dutchess, will have at least three and Ulster at least two.  Each county can decide to add additional sites for early voting.

The LLC (limited liability company) loophole has been closed.  Individuals cannot form additional LLC’s to circumvent campaign contribution limits. 

There will no longer be a September primary.  The primary for all offices (Federal, State and local) will be the fourth Tuesday in June.  The consolidation of primaries will end confusion, increase turnout and save taxpayer money.

The Legislature also took the first steps required to enact same-day registration and no-reason absentee ballots.  Both of these measures require a State Constitutional amendment so that the legislation must be passed by two separate legislatures and then put up to public referendum.  In order for these measures to become law, the new Legislature which takes office in 2021 must pass these same bills before that can be put to a vote.

Registered voters in New York State who move from one county to another county within the State will not need to re-register.  They will simply vote at their new polling site.  And for the first time ever, 16- and 17-year-olds will be allowed to pre-register to vote.

“I am proud to have sponsored these voting reforms bills which are long overdue,” said Jacobson. “Registering to vote and voting should be simple and easy.”

The legislation passed both the Assembly and Senate on Monday and is awaiting the Governor Cuomo’s signature.  The Governor has indicated that he will sign all bills into law.