Jacobson Praises State of the State’s Vision for Expanded Digital and Green Economy

Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson (D-104) is praising Governor Cuomo’s “Bold Agenda for Building the Green Economy in New York State,” the third installment of his four-part State of the State address.

Jacobson said, “I agree with Governor Cuomo that the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic have also given New York State a rare opportunity to reimagine our economy by becoming leaders in the green economy and by leveling the playing field in terms of access to affordable internet service.

“Even before COVID, there was a growing digital divide between those who had internet access and those who could not afford it. That is why I introduced legislation (A2219) aimed at providing free basic internet service to all households. As our jobs, education, and even healthcare go online - as we are now seeing with the vaccine rollout - our world increasingly relies upon internet access and we cannot leave low-income households behind.

“I also applaud Governor Cuomo’s commitment to building New York’s “transmission capacity to connect the places where the renewable energy can be generated with the places where energy is consumed.”

“My bill (A2330) directing the public service commission to studying the feasibility and cost of burying all or most of the electrical, telephone, and internet transmission lines in New York perfectly complements the Governor’s plan while also hardening the grid against extreme weather.

“The cost of burying transmission lines pales to the inconvenience and costs to individuals and businesses every time there is a major storm. Doing so would also create thousands of good-paying jobs and encourage the transmission of hydroelectric power and wind power without the presence of unsightly transmission lines which currently foster opposition.”