Jacobson Announces $20K for Marlborough Libraries

Today, Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson (D-104) announced two $10,000 special Assembly grants for the Sara Hull Hallock Library and the Marlboro Free Library.

At the Sara Hull Hallock Library, Assemblymember Jacobson was joined by Library Director Lois Skelly and Board of Trustees President Rosemary Wein.

Jacobson said, “Even though their doors were closed during the pandemic, our libraries stepped up to support students and help community members stay connected. That’s why I’ve prioritized supporting them, so they can continue to operate and even increase their offerings.

“The Sara Hull Hallock Library is located in a nearly century-old building in the hamlet of Milton, Jacobson continued. “Anyone who’s ever been responsible for maintaining an older building knows the challenges that Lois and Rosemary face, so I’m pleased I was able to secure $10,000 in funding to help them make a much-needed upgrade to their HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) system.”

Skelly said, “Our library leadership has worked hard to serve our patrons well and safely. Through Assemblyperson Jacobson, we have obtained a grant to underwrite the installation of a high-quality ventilation system that will help mitigate the spread of airborne infection.As we add to our open hours and resume small group meetings and clubs for adults, we are especially grateful for funding that will allow us to continue our commitment to protecting public health.”

Wein said, “For more than 130 years the Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library has been serving the community. The Board of Trustees takes very seriously our responsibility to preserve this historic resource and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for our patrons and staff. We thank Assemblyperson Jacobson for visiting the library and learning about the library’s needs.”

At the Marlboro Free Library, he was joined by Library Director Christina Jennerich and Town of Marlborough Supervisor Al Lanzetta.

Jacobson said, “In past, libraries were a place where people came to read and borrow books. In the 21st century, they do so much more, including preparing our kids to thrive in a digital future. I’m proud to be able to award the Marlboro Free Library with $10,000 to expand its children’s STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) programming.”

Jennerich said, “Library staff and Trustees are grateful for Assemblyman Jacobson's funding announcement. With his support, the Library is better able to serve the Marlborough community. This funding will help to improve our interior space and will also add opportunities that will expand our children's STEAM programming.”

Lanzetta said, “Marlborough is grateful for all that Assemblymember Jacobson has done and is doing for this community.”

Sara Hull Hallock Library photo, from left to right: Lois Skelly, Assemblymember Jacobson, and Rosemary Wein

Marlboro Free Library photo, from left to right: Christina Jennerich, Assemblymember Jacobson, and Supervisor Lanzetta