News Articles

Lentol Introduces the Student Suicide Prevention Act

Lentol leads effort to audit mail delivery service in North Brooklyn

Lentol: Closing hit-and-run loophole will be high priority

Lentol's Safe Way Home Act signed into law; provides sexual assault victims free transportation home from the hospital

Lentol: New York needs a new criminal discovery law; The state's current 'blindfold law' unfairly disadvantages defendants.

Lentol's bill to protect rent-regulated tenants from landlord harassment signed into law

Lentol and Criminal justice reform advocates push for more community resources

Lentol's Bill Ending "Loophole" For Those With Presidential Pardons Signed Into Law

Lentol secures seven acres of parkland under new Kosciuszko Bridge in Greenpoint

Lentol: Assembly Approves Final Passage of 3D Gun Ban

Shred NY's blindfold law now: Due to awful discovery rules, defendants are pleading guilty without

NYS Assembly to pass legislation designed to protect New Yorkers from gun violence

Lentol announces $1.5 million grant for 1.4 acre green roof in Greenpoint

Cuomo's SOTS, MTA 'Emergency' L Meeting & More: The Week Ahead in New York Politics, Jan. 14

Anti-Semitic Stickers In Greenpoint Surface With Numbers 14 and 88

Lentol backs recreational marijuana law

Lentol reveals how he got 'Raise the Age' passed; Lawmaker waged 12-year fight to save juvenile offenders

In effort lead by Lentol, City of New York buys CitiStorage to complete Bushwick Inlet Park

With Lentol's help, Pulaski Bridge Bikeway Is Open and It's Magnificent

Lentol: Safety Improvements Coming to Meeker Avenue in 2016