Assemblyman Lentol Announces Perfect Environmental Record

December 4, 2017

Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol (D-North Brooklyn) announced today that he received a perfect score of 100 on the EPL/Environmental Advocates Environmental Scorecard. The Environmental Scorecard reports on legislators’ votes on key environmental issues and ranks them according to how environmentally minded their policies and positions have been over the past legislative session.

EPL/Environmental Advocates is one of the nation’s first nonprofit organizations formed to advocate for New York’s environmental health. EPL/Environmental Advocates works to ensure that environmental laws are enforced, new measures are passed, and that the public is involved in important environmental policy debates.

“Climate change is a serious global threat and we can begin by addressing it right here in New York State,” said Lentol. “We have a responsibility to preserve the environment for generations to come. By adopting progressive environmental policies, New York can serve as an innovator and model for the rest of the nation.”

Assemblyman Lentol has long been a steward of the environment and a leader on environmental issues. In 2016, he was crucial in halting plans for the construction of a floating power plant near the Williamsburg waterfront. The floating power plant was met with widespread community opposition over its environmental implications, and Assemblyman Lentol was at the forefront of blocking its construction.

Further environmental related wins in his district include securing land for the East River State Park and additional land for Bushwick Inlet Park. Through negotiation with city and state officials, Assemblyman Lentol created and preserved these open spaces for Brooklyn community members for years to come.

Assemblyman Lentol’s notable achievements in the last legislative session included his sponsorship of the NYS Climate and Community Protection Act and his support for the Environmental Bill of Rights. The NYS Climate and Community Protection Act would implement clean energy goals for 2030, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, invest in green energy production, and provide support to disadvantaged communities. The Environmental Bill of Rights would ensure that clean air and water are treated as fundamental rights for New Yorkers.

“Environmental issues affect everyone, and it will take collective action from citizens and legislators to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally healthy world,” said Lentol. “By continuing to create innovative legislation, we can ensure that New York State remains at the forefront of safeguarding our environment. I’m looking forward to our continued fight for environmental conservancy and protection in the upcoming legislative session.”