Budget More Of The Same: Spend, Spend, Spend

A statement from Assemblyman Keith P. Brown (R,C,I-Northport) on Gov. Hochul’s 2022-23 budget proposal

“A $216 billion proposal—bigger, badder and even more reckless than last year’s record-breaking state budget. I agree that our state needs to invest in our health care system, our schools and in clean energy, but continuing to increase government spending year after year to even higher unprecedented levels is not the way to do it. If we are going to truly fix the way the system works, we need to enact long-term investment programs that will sustainably allow for economic and technological development over time.

“Overinflated in some areas, and seriously lacking in others, the division of funding proposed by Gov. Hochul is wildly inconsistent. With a $216 billion budget proposal, $400 million to combat the ongoing opioid epidemic and $350 million for small businesses seem like a drop in the bucket. We must prioritize investment in clean energy jobs and aid for homeowners and small businesses if we are going to rebuild our economy. If we are serious about fixing the problems facing our state, we are going to have to work together to do it responsibly and sustainably.”