Brown Supports Call to Require Financial Literacy Class for NY High School Students To Graduate

Assemblyman Keith P. Brown (R,C-Northport) discovered recently that advocates are pushing for New York high schools to require students to take at least one personal finance class prior to graduation. This immediately caught Brown’s attention as he introduced a bill last year calling for instruction in owning and operating a business (A10329-2022). The bill would help create an opportunity for students to learn how to properly finance and learn good communication and leadership skills.

Seventeen states in the US now require high school students to take a financial literacy or personal finance class in order to graduate. In fact, the number of states requiring a class in financial literacy continues to grow, but New York isn’t among them,” said Brown.

“It’s extremely important for today’s youth to learn the value of a dollar and how to properly finance so they can use that knowledge throughout adulthood. I believe New York should require high school students to take a class in money management in order to graduate so we can help our students prepare for their financial futures,” Brown concluded.