Brown: Addressing Mental Health with our Youth is Important to Promote a Healthy and Safe School Environment

Assemblyman Keith P. Brown (R,C-Northport) joined Assembly Minority Task Force on School Safety & Security Co-Chairs Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C-Gowanda), Assemblyman Doug Smith (R,C-Holbrook) and Assemblyman Mike Reilly (R,C-Staten Island), as well as other members of the Assembly Minority Conference earlier today to address concerns over safety in New York schools. In response to acts of violence in schools, state lawmakers are seeking legislative solutions to keep students, teachers and all other school staff safe from harm.

  1. Some of the Task Force’s proposed recommendations include:
  2. Increasing Resource Officer’s Presence in Schools;
  3. Addressing Mental Health Issues in Schools;
  4. Open Communication Between Stakeholders;
  5. Innovative State Support for School Safety and Security;
  6. Identifying Threats and Providing Support to At-Risk Students; and
  7. Hardening Infrastructure at Schools.

“Stationing Resource Officers as a deterrent and addressing mental health issues in today’s youth is paramount to putting a stop to these terrible school shootings,” said Brown. “I applaud the Assembly Minority Task Force on School Safety & Security for taking the initiative on this and calling for solutions to this very real problem. We want our children and teens to feel safe when they attend school. Being vigilant in incorporating these recommendations, such as: supporting youth mental health, identifying warning signs, voicing concerns, etc. before such tragedies happen is crucial. We should all be aware as peers, educators and parents to thwart such acts in the future.”

Editor’s Note: To see the full report from the Assembly Minority Conference Task Force on School Safety & Security, click here.