Brown Introduces Vaping & Marijuana Diversion Program Bills for Underage Users

Assemblyman Keith P. Brown (R,C-Northport) has introduced two pieces of legislation this year in an effort to address issues that have emerged as a result of cannabis legalization. The first was bill A.5582A, which would require underage teens caught vaping to attend the electronic cigarette and vaping prevention, awareness and control program with their parents/guardians, and the second was bill A.7951, which would require underage teens caught using cannabis products to attend a marijuana diversion program with their parents/guardians. The purpose of both these bills is to discourage vaping and cannabis use in underage teens to keep both them and the public safe.

“Cannabis might be legal among adults, but children and teens in our communities are still vulnerable,” said Brown. “By creating diversion programs statewide and spreading awareness about the effects of vaping and cannabis use on teens, we will be able to get ahead of some of the issues that have emerged since the legalization of cannabis.”

Brown has also introduced and supported legislation related to cannabis use among teen and adult motorists in relation to testing for drug impairment on the road as well as potential penalties for individuals arrested for driving while impaired.

“Right now, trying to prove which drug people are under the influence of while driving is exceedingly difficult—proving people are impaired rather than testing for a specific drug on-scene is a much more reasonable approach. Furthermore, new legislation would allow adults who are arrested for driving while impaired multiple times to be provided treatment for their drug addiction. As Ranking Minority Assembly Member on the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee, I am committed to creating legislation that will aid in prevention, treatment, crisis support and recovery when it comes to cannabis use and drug addiction in adults and teens.”