Brown: Public School Enrollment is Down and Test Scores Remain Low in Our State, But We Can Find Solutions!

Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C-Northport) was shocked by an article written by the Times Union that shows New York state’s public school enrollment remained reduced even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupling this with data released by the State Education Department highlighting that Grades 3 through 8 test scores continue to show subpar outcomes, Brown is troubled considering that New York state spends more money per pupil than any other state in the country.

“The mass exodus from our state and the failing curriculum in our public schools are both contributing to this enrollment deficit,” said Brown. “Parents are seeking other options to provide their children a safe, stable learning environment so their kids are where they need to be before becoming independent. While our state spends a lot on the education system, student grades in New York still are not up to par when compared with other states—it is our duty to pinpoint what is not working and find solutions so New York students attending our public schools receive the best education possible.

“In our upcoming legislative session, I will be fighting for legislation that aims to review school based peer-to-peer mentoring programs that currently exist and strengthen access to these programs to support students in navigating academics, social-emotional development, and career journeys (A.8040 of 2023). This, along with improving mental health services in schools, rethinking public school curriculums so we can properly assess each student’s learning ability and understanding and working to create an efficient, safe, healthy and exciting learning environment for students statewide are critical steps we must take to improve our State’s test scores and get them back on track,” concluded Brown.

Editor’s Note: To view the article by the Times Union and read further information on this topic, please click here. To view data released by the State Education Department on New York state’s test scores, please click here.