Brown: Keeping New Yorkers Safe Needs to be our Priority

A Statement from Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C-Northport) in response to a bipartisan press conference on Feb. 7, 2024, about the recent migrant attack on NYPD officers in New York City.

“The attack on two NYPD officers we saw committed by a group of migrants and their ability to escape accountability for their actions has raised concerns from many communities statewide. Given how much our state has provided to migrants entering our state over the past two years—food, shelter and medical care—New York citizens are feeling neglected, and after these attacks, unsafe. The state’s proposal to spend $2.4 billion on migrant aid in this year’s budget is salt in the wound. The message could not be clearer from New Yorkers: things need to change. 

“To keep our law enforcement, families, and children safe and cared for in the wake of the migrant crisis, we are demanding the federal government pass immigration reform this session. Resources throughout New York state and New York City are being overwhelmed, and time is running out to rectify this domino effect before we pass the point of no return.”