Assemblyman Brown: ‘Mandating’ Vaccinations Would Challenge Constitutional Rights

Newly elected Assemblyman is troubled by NYS-push to mandate all New Yorkers receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C- Northport) has come out against a bill (A.11179) introduced to the Assembly that would mandate all New Yorkers to receive vaccination for the coronavirus. Brown recognizes the benefits of the vaccine, but opposes the government mandating all individuals to receive it.

“I am supportive of the COVID-19 vaccine and am encouraging all those who wish and are in good health to receive it. My family and I will be receiving the vaccine as soon as we’re able. I’m confident the vaccine will be distributed efficiently to vulnerable populations and those who want it the most. 

“I do not support, however, the bill that has been introduced to the Assembly allowing the Department of Health to require that all New Yorkers receive the vaccine. While the vaccine has the potential to be a game changer in the fight against the coronavirus, many people have concerns with the speed in which it has been developed and the lack of long-term research data available for reference. In addition, I believe that as an American, each and every one of us has a constitutional right to determine what is best for ourselves and for our children. Every New Yorker should be able to study the risks and benefits of the vaccine and make their own decision as to whether or not they will receive it. I will oppose this bill if it comes before me in the Assembly as well as any bill that threatens our individual liberties and right to self-determination.”