Assemblyman Keith Brown: Eviction Law Is Short-Sighted and Flawed

Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C-Northport) warns that bill A.11181, which was signed into law last week, is deeply flawed and could result in significant problems down the road. The bill was meant to address growing concerns about evictions by extending the moratorium through the spring. Brown and others contend that the law lacks sufficient targeting and verification measures to ensure those receiving assistance are the ones that need it most.

“Of all the reasons to do so during a pandemic, the Assembly Majority convene a special session for a poorly-constructed piece of legislation that creates far more problems than it could ever hope to remedy,” said Brown. “This law has effectively created a state of blanket rent forgiveness until May while small landlords are struggling more than ever.”

“This law also lacks any meaningful determination or verification of need. Folks are hurting right now, and we need to make sure we do everything in our power to prevent neighbors from losing their homes. This law doesn’t do that. This law might help those who have fallen behind on rent due to the pandemic in the short term, but it inarguably ignores the situation of those who rely on those payments to pay their mortgages. What happens when the pandemic is over, and the bill for all of these ill-fated policies comes due? It will be laid on the very people this law claims to support.”