Brown Appalled by Bill to Allow Removal and Detention

A statement from Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C- Northport)

“I am unequivocally against Assembly Bill 416 that would give the governor the authority to remove and detain people that he determines to be a health risk. Additionally, it provides no limitations or specifications on where and for how long the governor could detain people and sets no criteria for determining what makes someone a so-called ‘health risk’.

“Not only is this bill blatantly unconstitutional, but the language used in it is terrifying. Giving one man the ability to detain and hold citizens for whatever reason and length of time he determines necessary is a proposal that belongs in an authoritarian regime, not in a constitutional democracy.

“Majority politicians have allowed Gov. Cuomo to reign without the power of checks and balances since the onset of the pandemic back in March. Now they want to literally give him the power to lock up people. No person or government should have the ability to deprive another of their liberty without due process, and Majority politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

            “Session hasn't even officially started, and Majority politicians are already on a pathway to tyranny. As your Assemblyman, I will fight against this bill and any others that threaten our individual freedoms.) In a time when we face such adversity, we should be figuring out how we can help you and residents across our state stay safe and healthy. Instead, Majority is focused on depriving New Yorkers of their liberty and freedom."