Policies Are Driving New Yorkers Away

New Yorkers are fleeing the state at unprecedented rates. Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C-Northport) believes the radical policies championed by officials from New York City are to blame. Excessive taxation and declining trust in public safety are among the issues Brown and others point to when looking for the reasons why New Yorkers are emigrating.

Gov. Cuomo made statements before the Christmas holiday telling New Yorkers to expect significant tax hikes next year. High tax rates are not a new occurrence in New York, but with the current economic situation we face, it is becoming more evident to people across the state that these policies are unsustainable.

Public safety is another issue that may be causing New Yorkers to leave. Crime rates across New York City have soared in recent months, highlighting serious concerns with the controversial bail reform law supported by Majority lawmakers. With support for law enforcement at an all-time low and activists openly calling for defunding departments, some New Yorkers have opted to up and move.

“It is sad to see the number of people leaving our state, and until we change the policies  driving families and businesses out, they will continue the exodus. For years Majority politicians have enjoyed unfettered control over New York City and much of the lawmaking process across the state. Their policies have created an environment where entrepreneurs are afraid to pursue their dreams, hardworking men and women struggle to get ahead and criminals are allowed to walk free.

“Majority policies have had a direct negative impact on the people of New York. Because of bail reform and their absurd tax practices, the average New Yorker has become less safe and less financially independent. The people have spoken. We need to provide law enforcement and the justice system with the resources they need to keep our communities safe. We also need to lessen the tax burden on our citizens, so they are no longer afraid to start families and businesses in their own community. I will continue to fight for these principles and to make New York a place where people are proud to live and start businesses once again.”