Brown: One-House Budget Exacerbates Economic Problems

A statement from Assemblyman Keith P. Brown (R,C, I- Northport)

“Today, we were presented with the Assembly Majority’s proposal for our one-house state budget. This proposal seeks to raise taxes and increase the already out-of-control spending habits plaguing our state.

 “In all reality, this is nothing more than a partisan money grab on the part of New York City liberals who see an opportunity, with the governor so distracted by his scandals, to push through their radical money redistribution agenda.

“Politicians from New York pleaded with the federal government to provide aid so that we could avoid raising taxes on our economically-battered citizens. Now that we got the financial help we needed; they are revealing their true colors. They will tax and spend as much as they possibly can, regardless of the economic implications on the people.

“If this proposal becomes law, New Yorkers will be hurt, businesses will continue to flee our state, and New York will become an even more economically hostile place to try to raise a family or start a business.”