Brown Recognizes Step In The Right Direction On Bar And Restaurant Restrictions

Assemblyman Keith Brown (R,C,I- Northport) was reenergized by the steps being made today to undo several of the state-mandated restrictions on New York's bars and restaurants. The state Legislature and governor both took action today by repealing and removing mandates requiring vendors to sell food items with alcohol purchases and announcing end dates for curfews on establishments.

Minority lawmakers have been putting pressure on the majorities in the state Senate and Assembly in recent months to remove these restrictions and curfews on bars and restaurants. The state Legislature took a step in the right direction today by voting to revoke Gov. Cuomo's requirement of bars and restaurants to sell food items with alcohol purchases, a policy that has been heavily criticized by many across the state.

Also being announced today were measures to allow bars and restaurants to keep outdoor dining areas open for normal hours of operation starting May 17, and indoor areas beginning May 31. The release from the governor's office also mentions lifting other restrictions on both catered events and social gatherings.

“This is what my colleagues and I have been working toward for months now,” said Brown. “These policies, mandated by Gov. Cuomo, were not thoroughly thought through before implementation and have been detrimental to the economic recovery of our small-business sector.

“This is a big step in the right direction when it comes to regaining some level of normalcy as we emerge from the back end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Removing these restrictions will be crucial for working-class employees across our state and help them to bring home bigger paychecks to their families. I am glad our bars and restaurants will no longer have to deal with these confusing and arbitrary mandates and will continue to advocate for their right to earn a living.”