Zebrowski and Skoufis Announce Passage of 'Anthony Amoros' Law'

The bill prohibits used car dealers from selling vehicles without a functioning airbag and authored in memory of Haverstraw resident Anthony Amoros who tragically passed in a car accident

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-Rockland) and Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) stood with the Amoros Family to announce that their legislation "Anthony Amoros' Law" has passed the Legislature requiring used vehicles sold at retail to contain a functioning airbag (A394A/S1834A). The bill is named in memory of Haverstraw resident Anthony Amoros who in 2013 tragically lost his life at 18 years old in a car accident after the airbags failed to deploy. Unbeknownst to Anthony and his family, the used vehicle he purchased did not come with airbags. Zebrowski and Skoufis’ legislation would prohibit used car dealers from selling certain vehicles without a functioning airbag.

There is currently no requirement in New York State that a used vehicle sold at a dealer have a working airbag. Anthony's parents Al and Ivette, and siblings, Angelo and Lisa, have worked to keep his legacy alive by renaming the road where the accident occurred, Thiells-Mount Ivy Road, is now also known as "Anthony Amoros Way". They also host an annual car show to commemorate his love of cars with proceeds from the event going toward the Anthony Amoros Rockland Community College Scholarship Fund. Al Amoros has worked closely with Zebrowski and Skoufis’ offices on the legislation and various motorist safety measures to protect New Yorkers.

"The current loophole in state law leaves countless motorists vulnerable to potentially driving vehicles without the most critical safety device. Establishing Anthony Amoros' Law in New York State is a common-sense and life-saving measure. The pain that the Amoros family has gone through in losing their son is unfathomable, but their advocacy on his behalf is admirable. I am honored to work with the Amoros' in remembrance of Anthony to ensure this type of tragedy is prevented in the future," said Assemblyman Zebrowski.

"Anthony Amoros was a vibrant young man taken far too soon as a result of a highly preventable accident. I've been honored to work closely with the Amoros family and Assemblymember Zebrowski on this commonsense issue for many years, and I am humbled to know that many more lives will be saved as a result of our work and the Amoros' tireless advocacy. Anthony's legacy will extend far beyond his Rockland County hometown, ensuring used vehicles throughout the state meet minimum airbag safety standards and keep drivers safe. I urge the governor to sign this legislation immediately,” said Senator Skoufis.

“This law will benefit New York State consumers because it will mandate that anyone who sells a used car, must inform the buyer of any problems with the airbags. This includes airbags which are non-functional or missing. The goal of this law is to protect public safety by making the public aware of the dangers of having a vehicle with non-functional or missing airbags and the risk to life and limb when they are not working properly or not in the car at all. The law also explains the lifesaving capability of the airbags,” said Al Amoros, Anthony’s father.

The legislation awaits signature from the Governor.