Assemblymember Cahill Responds to Governor Pataki’s State of the State Address

January 4, 2006

“Governor’s Pataki’s final State of the State address, much like previous ones, was laden with broad initiatives but short on detail. The speech focused on issues that seemed designed to speak to a constituency beyond the borders of the State. I was disappointed that the Governor did not spend more time talking about the real problems New Yorkers are facing, like the crippling burden of property taxes, the escalating costs of health care, hospitals on the verge of bankruptcy and the inequities of our educational funding system.

“In past years, I have been pleased to report that the Governor had spoken glowingly of the Hudson Valley and proposed new programs specifically geared towards improving our quality of life. Today, however, he made no mention of the region and failed to unveil any local initiatives for our towns and villages.

“I am looking forward to the Executive Budget proposal, where we will finally get the specifics of the plans laid out today and what they might mean to the residents of Ulster and Dutchess Counties. I intend to focus my energy on reforming the mechanism used to fund our schools and alleviating the real property tax weight that is driving so many New Yorkers to other states. I hope to work with Senators Saland, Larkin and Bonacic to bring quality health care, jobs and economic opportunity to the local level.”