Consumer Protection Board Answers Cahill’s Call to Challenge Central Hudson Rate Hike

September 8, 2006

Assemblymember Kevin Cahill (D – Ulster, Dutchess) announced today that the Consumer Protection Board has petitioned the Public Service Commission for a rehearing regarding the recently approved Central Hudson Gas and Electric rate hike.

“I am encouraged that, as the voice of the ratepayers in the Hudson Valley, the Consumer Protection Board has taken action to preserve the affordability and reliability of this critical public service. I look forward to a reopening of the hearing process and ultimately a decision incorporating important consumer protections as well as rolling back this unconscionable rate increase,” said Mr. Cahill.

Assemblymember Cahill has been at the forefront in calling on the Public Service Commission to revisit the settlement. In the time since the rate hike was approved, Mr. Cahill has been joined in his efforts by several other state legislators. The coalition of lawmakers has been diligent in their repeated efforts to encourage the Consumer Protection Board to challenge the ruling.

The Consumer Protection Board has asked the Public Service Commission to reconsider their ruling, arguing the need for additional ratepayer protections to mitigate the impact of the electric delivery rate increases and for the reinstating of a Fixed Price Option which would afford customers the opportunity to purchase electric and natural gas service at a predictable price. In July, the Commission granted Central Hudson Gas and Electric the largest percentage delivery rate increases for a major energy utility in more than a decade.