Press Releases

No to New Westchester Tax Hike

A Bad Deal for New Yorkers

Byrne Helps Enhance School Bus Safety

More Taxes, Less Funding for Veterans & No Permanent Property Tax Cap

Byrne Welcomes State’s Investment in State Roadways, But Says More Work Still Needed

Byrne: Local Roads Matter! Support CHIPS!

Byrne Pushes for $4.2 Billion in Tax Relief for New Yorkers

Byrne Pushes for Funding for Joseph P. Dwyer Vet 2 Vet Program

Byrne Opposes Gov. Cuomo’s Proposal To Hike Local Taxes

Governor Ignores Why New Yorkers are Fleeing

Permanent Property Tax Cap Passed in Senate but is Blocked in Assembly

Supporting the Child Victims Act and Serving Justice

New York’s Infrastructure: A Report on Fortifying Our Roads, Bridges and Water Systems

Media Meet & Greet with Assemblyman Byrne

Assembly Majority Shuts Down Rules Reform

Legal New Yorkers Get Mountains of Student Loan Debt, Illegal Immigrants Get ‘Free’ College

Assemblyman Byrne Debates against Abortion Expansion

Assemblyman Byrne Helps Provide Assistance to Employees Affected by Federal Shutdown

Byrne: Where is the Governor Getting All This Money?

Byrne Welcomes New Press Coordinator to Team