Byrne Calls for Tax Relief and Fiscal Responsibility in State Budget

A legislative statement from Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,I,Ref-Mahopac)

“Despite statewide calls for fiscal restraint and tax relief for working-class families, this year’s one-house Assembly budget resolution contains the same sky-high spending, unfunded mandates and misplaced policy initiatives that have resulted in the state’s current affordability crisis.

“Totaling over $170 billion, with upwards of $2 billion in new tax increases, this year’s proposed resolution does nothing to reduce the oppressive tax burden on our state’s working-class families, and exceeds well beyond our self-imposed 2 percent spending cap. It unfortunately appears our state’s leadership has once again prioritized New York City’s big government agenda over addressing the deep-seeded issues that are driving more and more residents to leave our state.

“I look forward to fighting for the needs of the 94th district in this year’s negotiations and for the reforms necessary to ensure a responsible and accountable state budget that benefits all New Yorkers.”