Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre: New York Offers Loan Forgiveness Program for Recent Grads

“With college tuition skyrocketing to new levels, many graduates are struggling to pay off a substantial debt burden as they begin their professional careers. Last year, I helped pass the ‘Get on Your Feet’ student loan forgiveness program that will ease the burden of student loan debt. Effective immediately recent graduates can begin applying for this new financial relief.

I remember when I graduated college, I started my career, at a minimum wage pay rate while re-paying my student loans. These circumstances made living on Long Island nearly impossible. This loan forgiveness program is the perfect way for young professionals to have the opportunity to thrive and succeed while living on Long Island.

Recent graduates are encouraged to apply for the loan forgiveness program, which will cover up to two years of federal student loan payments for graduates who attended New York high schools and colleges, graduated on or after December 2014, and are making $50,000 or less. This program is a great first step towards making college more affordable and accessible to all students. For more information on how to apply, please visit”