Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: New Laws Show New York's Commitment to Women's Rights

“The women’s equality laws that go into effect today demonstrate the commitment New York has to women. These measures increase protections from sexual harassment, help ensure equal pay and prevent retaliation for sharing wage information, prohibit discrimination based on family status, as well as provide accommodations for pregnant women in the workplace.

“These laws also strengthen protections against human trafficking and domestic violence. Victims of human trafficking will see stricter penalties for perpetrators and have a chance to sue for damages. Victims of domestic violence are now protected from being discriminated against or evicted from their homes based on their status as victims. It’s vital that we help survivors as they rebuild their lives.

“As these momentous laws go into effect, New York is again leading the way for equality in our nation. Additionally, while we celebrate the steps we have taken, I know there is still more we can do to strengthen women’s rights.”