Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Assembly Budget Proposal Provides $30 Million to Combat Heroin Epidemic

“Our community has been ravaged by the heartbreaking cycle of addiction, leaving far too many families to cope with the tragic loss of loved ones. In 2015, Suffolk County tallied more than 100 deaths related to heroin and opioid abuse for the third-straight year.

That’s why I fought to include $30 million in the Assembly’s state budget proposal to improve and expand prevention and treatment services for those battling heroin and opioid addiction. Half of that funding will go to ensuring underserved communities have access to the quality, affordable care needed to confront the crisis head-on. The rest of the funding will be used to identify at-risk individuals and connect them with treatment as well as assist those who are post-treatment with continued support to ensure they stay on the road to recovery.

You can count on me to continue fighting for all those affected by heroin and opioid abuse so that our friends and neighbors have access to the support and resources needed to overcome this vicious epidemic and lead safe and healthy lives.”