Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Stronger Ethics Measures Make Government More Accountable

Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre (D-Babylon) announced she voted for reforms to make state government more accountable to New Yorkers. The first measure strips taxpayer-funded pensions from public officers convicted of corruption (A.1749). The second is a joint resolution that requires legislators to submit information regarding their outside income to the independent Legislative Ethics Commission (LEC), which will issue an advisory opinion on whether there is a conflict of interest (B.404/C.25).

“State government should be constantly looking for ways to build trust with New Yorkers,” said Jean-Pierre. “These measures put us on the right track and ensure that legislators act in the best interests of constituents, and not wealthy special interests.”

The pension forfeiture bill received strong bipartisan support during the last legislative session (A.10739-A of 2016). Second passage by the Legislature is required so it can be placed on the ballot in November. If approved by the voters, it will become a part of the state constitution.

The joint resolution, which takes effect immediately after it is passed by both legislative houses, stipulates that legislators earning more than $5,000 per year outside of their state salary must seek the opinion of the LEC. New and current members are required to submit documentation to the LEC within 30 days for a ruling.

“With the passage of these measures today, we are taking a major step forward in increasing transparency and restoring confidence in our political system,” said Jean-Pierre.