Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Urges Community to Come Together Against Gang Violence and Hate

“Our community is under siege by violent gangs who threaten the safety of our families. But we will never let hate triumph–we recognize that our diversity is our greatest strength, and we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder, fighting against crime and gang violence.

“I’ve fought hard in the state Assembly to ensure our community has the funding and resources we need to fight back against gangs like MS-13. As part of that effort, I secured vital funding for the Suffolk County SNUG program and other local organizations that are working every day to help those plagued by violence. But we all have a role to play, whether it’s mentoring at-risk youth, supporting law enforcement or backing initiatives that protect our community from violence.

“Now more than ever, it’s vital to foster tolerance and work together. There are those who feel empowered by the Trump Administration to spread hate, demonize immigrants and exclude our neighbors. The vile graffiti we’ve recently seen on churches and schools is evidence of that. But make no mistake – Suffolk County is our home and our diversity is at the crux of who we are. When President Trump visits on Friday, I implore him to find a way to bring us together rather than falling back on the hateful rhetoric that divides us. It’s on us to rise up to protect our communities, and we can only do that through unity.”