Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre to Dreamers: America is your Home

“From the very beginning, America has been a beacon of hope for immigrants from across the globe who are willing to work hard for a better life. Diversity is our greatest strength, built on our deep-rooted belief in equality and freedom. However, by ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), President Trump is attacking our most important principles and allowing hate, ignorance and racism to reign. This decision is a moral abomination.

“Ending DACA also hurts our economy. These young Dreamers are contributing to our communities ¬¬¬¬by studying hard and earning an education, or by working and paying taxes. But this is about more than just money; this is about what is right and what is wrong. President Trump is undermining our morals. He’s trying to take away the American Dream from hundreds of thousands of young people who’ve grown up here and sought to build a happy and successful life. He is trying to take away our diversity and our equality, the very things for which our country stands. We must wholeheartedly denounce this repeal and ensure that DACA survives.

“Here is my message to Dreamers: As a first-generation Haitian-American, and as someone who values equality, freedom and decency, I stand with you. This is your home and you belong here. Do not give up. Do not lose hope. There are millions of people who are fighting for you and who support you. The actions of one man – no matter how powerful – do not speak for us, and we will never let hate prevail.”