Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Reducing Access to Affordable Birth Control is an Attack on Women

“Access to affordable birth control protects a woman’s health safety and her right to decide if she is prepared to start or continue to grow her family. The misguided decision by the federal government to roll back requirements for employers to include birth control coverage in insurance plans is a gross injustice that harms women.

“When President Trump threatens access to affordable contraception, he threatens women’s reproductive health and basic rights. This is an attack on women and shows a blatant disregard for the facts surrounding contraceptive care. Time and time again, access to contraception has been proven to improve women’s health and decrease maternal and infant mortality.1 This decision is not only cruel – it’s awful public policy.

“I have always fought for women’s rights and will continue advocating for women across our state – whether it’s their right to affordable contraception or having a say in their health and future.”