Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: State of the State Proposals Would Reform the Criminal Justice System and Spur Economic Development

“As New York continues moving toward a bright and prosperous future, this year’s State of the State proposals are a promising next step. The governor’s priorities include measures that will help reform our criminal justice system and improve our state economy.

“For far too long we’ve allowed a deeply flawed criminal justice system to disproportionately target low-income New Yorkers and communities of color. Our communities deserve justice that’s independent of race and wealth. That’s why I commend the governor’s proposal to overhaul the bail and discovery processes, establish measures to ensure fair and speedy trials, transform asset forfeiture procedures and implement new initiatives to help the recently-incarcerated transition back into their everyday lives. These initiatives will not only increase fairness and justice but will also increase public safety.

“In addition, Governor Cuomo’s economic development proposals, which include measures to invest in workforce development and create more good-paying jobs are vital for our state. New Yorkers deserve access to new opportunities and businesses need more chances to grow. On Long Island, it is essential that these proposals are complemented by the improvement and modernization of the Long Island Railroad’s track and signal infrastructures to bolster the economy and accessibility of our region. I look forward to working with my Assembly colleagues to institute these proposals and help Long Island’s economy flourish.”