Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Long Island Families Deserve Quality, Affordable Child Care

Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre (D-Babylon) announced that she helped pass the Assembly’s 2019-20 state budget proposal, which provides vital child care funding to help offset rising costs and help Long Island families achieve economic stability.

“The cost of child care on Long Island has skyrocketed, making it even harder for working families to get by let alone get ahead,” Jean-Pierre said. “Quality care is either too expensive or in short supply. And because reimbursement rates are too low, many providers have had to close their doors. Our proposal not only strengthens existing child care programs, but opens new slots so that even more families can benefit.”

Last month, Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre issued a joint letter with Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, who chairs the Assembly Children and Families Committee. In the letter, Jean-Pierre and Jaffee formally requested that the Assembly one-house budget proposal include new funding for additional child care slots. The Assembly budget proposal allocates $852 million for child care subsidies – an increase of $46 million over last year and $20 million more than the executive budget. It also provides $20 million for additional child care slots and $1.3 million for SUNY child care centers. A lack of affordable child care has far-reaching implications, forcing many parents out of the workforce and holding back economic growth, Jean-Pierre noted.

New York ranks among the most expensive states for child care in the nation, with center- based care for an infant costing upward of $15,000 a year.[1] At this rate, single parents are often forced to spend more than half of their income on child care.[2] The Assembly’s investment and expansion of child care subsidies would help ensure access to affordable and quality care for thousands of families who qualify for assistance but don’t receive it due to inadequate state funding, Jean Pierre noted.


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