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Albany Office

LOB 522
Albany, NY 12248
Fax: 518-455-5461
Albany Office Directions

District Office

910 Grand Concourse
Suite 1JK
Bronx, NY 10451
Fax: 718-538-3128
District Office Directions

If you have any time sensitive requests, please contact the corresponding contact email below with your comments, questions and concerns.

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For Scheduling purposes, please contact Ms. Rhys Hernandez (Scheduler) at

For Constituent service purposes, please contact Ms. Sharon Williams (Director of Constituent Services) at or Ms. Newki Polanco (Constituent Liaison) at

For Community outreach purposes, please contact Ms. Patricia Villar (Director of Community Affairs) at

For Communication purposes, please contact Mr. Mohamed Magassa (Communication Liaison) at

For Policy & Budget purposes, please contact Mr. Spencer Camilien (Director of Policy & Budget) at

For Legislative purposes, please contact Mr. Jamie Gilkey (Chief of Staff) at .

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