Joint Statement of Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal & State Senator Jessica Ramos on Veto of SWEAT Bill

New York, NY – "Along with a diverse coalition of more than 100 advocacy organizations and workers, and after years of hard work, we are deeply disappointed by the veto of the SWEAT (Securing Wages Earned Against Theft) Bill (A.486-B/S2844-B), which would give employees a fighting chance to collect the wages that are owed to them.

Wage theft is an epidemic. But even when a judge rules that an employee was the victim of wage theft and is owed wages, most can’t collect the money owed them. That’s because employers who would steal their employees' wages often go to great lengths to avoid paying a judgment.

The SWEAT bill would allow employees to freeze the assets of the employer while their wage theft case is pending to ensure the money is there when the case is over.

This veto hurts the thousands of workers who have been left holding the bag, but the SWEAT Coalition is resolved to continue fighting in 2020. We are heartened by a commitment that SWEAT will be a priority, and look forward to partnering with workers, advocates, our colleagues and the Governor’s office to see the dream of SWEAT realized for thousands of low wage workers."