Crespo Calls for Emergency Response Preparedness for Pending Disaster from Hurricane Irma in Caribbean

Statement from Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Chair of the NYS Assembly PR/Hispanic Task Force calling for readiness from government agencies and civic groups to address pending disaster from Hurricane Irma impact on Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
September 6, 2017

“Late last night our federal government declared a state of emergency for American territories in the Caribbean and early this morning the islands of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda were hit with storm surge of over 10 feet and winds of over 115 miles per hour and gusts of over 155 before measuring equipment was destroyed.

Later today and tomorrow, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will be impacted by Hurricane Irma as this storm passes by both these islands. With rising oceans up to 20 feet and winds of over 155 miles per hour the 3.5 million Americans on Puerto Rico and the 10 million residents of the Dominican Republic are in harm’s way.

As we work to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, we are now faced with another dangerous and killer storm that is impacting our nation. This is a time of great need by many being impacted by this severe weather. I strongly urge all government agencies, civic organizations and communities to be prepared to lend immediate assistance to all the victims in the Caribbean of Hurricane Irma.

With Florida also in the path of this destructive storm, our ability to respond to millions in need will be tested and we must be ready to assist in this life and death situation for many.”