Byrnes’ Spirits Not Dampened by Disappointing Budget

After a long week of state budget proceedings, Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia) today expressed disdain with the rushed process of the budget, as well as its contents. The 2020-21 State Budget failed to focus on real needs in this time of crisis.

“We knew this budget was going to be difficult going in,” said Byrnes. “What we didn’t know was to what extent the budget would be filled with policy. Substantial money was given to unnecessary policy, such as public campaign financing, while rights were seized from local municipalities and funding was not increased for CHIPS and AIM.

“Another point of contention I have with this budget is inclusions that should never have been considered. The state flag doesn’t need a change during this crisis and ski slopes don’t need to be given funds. Our people are suffering and will continue to suffer after the pandemic is resolved because of the bills signed into law.

“I think this budget has misplaced priorities. Like many of my colleagues, I rallied for a bare-bones budget, but we have to take what we were given. I continue to remain hopeful of our ensuing future in light of this pandemic, but I am unsure what the effects of this budget will bring for New York residents.”