Play Ball: Byrnes Calls on Gov To Reopen Youth Sports

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia) announced this week that she is sponsoring new legislation to compel the state departments of Education and Health to allow all interscholastic sports programs to resume this year. Sports programs would include proper COVID-19 safety protocols similar to those implemented already in schools, such as mask wearing.

“If thousands of fans can gather safely to watch the Buffalo Bills — and as a Bills fan, I am so glad they were able to — then we can allow our children to begin safely participating in the youth sports programs that are so crucial to their development,” said Byrnes. “Not only do youth sports programs help our children’s bodies grow stronger but they help develop leadership skills, critical thinking, teamwork and good sportsmanship — qualities our country needs now more than ever before.”

Byrnes also noted how sports and exercise can be an outlet for the stress and anxieties of teen life, as well as to help implement a greater sense of self confidence. In addition, many students are recruited to colleges through athletics and go on to obtain scholarships through their sports program.

The assemblywoman is encouraging members of the public who support the legislation to join her in signing a petition calling for the governor to use his executive powers to immediately reopen youth sports programs.