Johns Calls For Reform As 2018 Legislative Priority

January 3, 2018

Assemblyman Mark Johns (R,C,I,Ref-Webster) returned to Albany today for the beginning of the 2018 Legislative Session by calling for top-down reform of state government to address the priorities that New Yorkers across the state desire.

“The people voted against the Constitutional Convention because they believed their elected state government has the ability to enact the necessary reforms – such as term limits – that people want to see. They have shown their trust in us to do our jobs – now I ask the governor and my colleagues to join with me in a bipartisan manner to reform our state government so that it better serves and protects New Yorkers,” said Johns. “The cost and size of our government hasn’t been affordable to the people of this state for far too long, and my real reforms will reduce the cost, hold government more accountable and ensure the people’s business is being done.”

Johns has long been an advocate for reform. His real reform platform includes widely-popular measures such as term limits, opening the legislative process with the SOLE (Single Opportunity for Legislative Equality) Act and reducing the size and cost of state government. He is the author of landmark legislation that would cut the state Legislature’s size in half and save taxpayers millions annually with a two-year budget cycle. For many years Johns was an outspoken advocate and sponsor of legislation for pension forfeiture, a reform that was recently enacted into law with the overwhelming support of the public on last November’s ballot.

EDITORS’ NOTE: Mark Johns represents Webster, Penfield, Fairport/Perinton and East Rochester.